New PV Alert: NMB48 – Bokudatte Naichauyo

NMB48 say farewell to their leader this October, and we get one more chance to see the captain with this latest promotional video. “Bokudatte Kaichauyo” starts with Sayanee walking slowly up steps to take her place at the center of a massive formation. If you were expecting something somber, think again. NMB48 slap you right in the face with some quick choreograph made sharper by Sayaka’s presence at center. Like a marching band, the group strikes formations on the pastel rainbow stage while memories of Yamamoto run past the screen in alternating scenes. It might be difficult to separate the emotion of the song from the quality of the song given the nature of “Bokudatte Kaichauyo”, so I won’t pretend to try. As Sayanee dashes off screen in the PV’s final moments, she’ll hit you with a smile a longing for more of her time. “Bokudatte Naichauyo”, the 19th single from NMB48, takes its place on record store shelves on October 17, 2018.



NMB48 promoting “Bokudatte Naichauyo”

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