New PV Alert: Niji no Conquistador – Zutto Summer de Koishiteru

It’s often said that summer doesn’t begin until Niji no Conquistador release their summer bikini promotional video. Well boys and girls, summer has begun. The insanely paced “Zutto Ummer de Koishiteru” gets the girls in the requisite summer wear for a poolside scene of the girls hitting the choreography machine in a a wood floored cabana and frolicking on the decks of a seaside villa. But let’s be real here: you’re probably interested in seeing the bikini bottom action. Don’t worry, you’ll get your shot with lots of angles of the girls in choreography mode (dancing in bikinis!) and pool mode (wet wet wet). Niji no Conquistador jump around quite a bit, and parts of the choreography look like the girls were given the direction “do your best impression of the Twist”. I know it’s real easy to be cheeky with these kinds of PV, so instead of more of that I’ll say that the girls really look like they’re having a great time. Niji no Conquistador look like they’re inviting you to their helluva party, which is probably the best compliment of all. “Zutto Summer de Koishiteru”, the second major single from Niji no Conquistador, gets its time in the sun on September 12, 2018.

[2018.07.03 edit: corrected release date (thanks NSK member Diego Castanho)]



Niji no Conquistador profile image
Niji no Conquistador promoting “Zutto Summer de Koishiteru”

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