New PV Alert: Niji no Conquistador – Natsu no Yoru wa Mijikasugiru Kedo…

I’ve got to say: 2zicon are really not shy about putting their girls in the requisite summer wear. “Natsu no Yoru wa Mijikasugiru Kedo…” plays some great 80’s grooves. Mid-tempo and groovy, the keyboards twist out a disconnected melody over a funky synth bass, funk rhythm-guitars, and booming drums. “Natsu no Yoru wa Mijikasugiru Kedo…” plays on two modes: night and morning. The morning scenes feature 2zicon eating breakfast presumably right before hitting the beach. Those night shots, though … gathered poolside, the girls languidly lounge on the decks regarding the camera like an outsider stumbling into an esoteric convention. Motel bedside scenes evoke more lascivious scenarios that I’ll leave to your imagination. “Kimi wa Mujaki na Natsu no Joo – This Summer Girl Is an Innocent Mistress – / Jump! / Natsu no Yoru wa Mijikasugiru Kedo…” breaks into the nightlife on September 5, 2017.


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