New PV Alert: Niji no Conquistador – Honmei chocolatier

2zicon come back with another goods single. This time it’s chocolate soap and “Honmei chocolatier (本命ショコラティエ)”. Think about and consider the girls’ flirtations with cup ramen, retort curry, and bubble bath. The girls get frilly clothes in pink and chocolate for their single outfits, and as you would expect there are plenty of chocolate shenanigans in the kitchen. The song sounds pretty tough with guitars blazing and bass guitars slapping and popping. But, perhaps the highlight for you will be the VR perspective shots of the girls presenting chocolates to you, the listener. Oh, and maybe you’ll like the sword play (yes, there’s sword play!).





Niji no Conquistador promoting “Honmei chocolatier”



Niji no Conquistador (虹のコンキスタドール) is a Japanese idol group themed around illustrating, cosplay, and voice acting. Formed in 2014, hey are also known as NijiCon (虹コン) or 2zicon. The theme of the idol group is : “Every day is a Culture Festival”. The girls are split into Red Team and Blue Team (Sagittarius Meteor Shower). They have a spin-off group called Beboga! which was previously Nijicon’s Yellow Team. Niji no Conquistador group was originally managed by the illustration website Pixiv as a part of the Tsukudol! Project (つくドル!プロジェクト) before their current affiliation with Dear Stage. Niji no Conquistador’s lineup currently includes Okada Ayame (岡田彩夢), Kataoka Miyu (片岡未優), Kumamoto Marina (隈本茉莉奈), Shimizu Riko (清水理子), Tsurumi Moe (鶴見萌), Nakamura Akari (中村朱里), Nemoto Nagi (根本凪), Hiruta Airi (蛭田愛梨), Matoba Karin (的場華鈴), Yamasaki Nana (山崎夏菜), Yamato A,(大和明桜), and Yamamoto Rio (山本莉唯).
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