New PV Alert: Niji no Conquistador – Bathroom Magic

After cup ramen and retort curry, Niji no Conquistador are back on the goods train with their promotional video and song for bubble bath. True to form, “Bathroom Magic” features the members in a luxurious public bath relaxing their troubles away. With such a subject manner and with 2zicon being 2zicon, “Bathroom Magic” carries the risk of being perhaps too risque. This reputation doesn’t disappoint. If you were looking for images, totally safe but perhaps not really safe, of the idols with bare shoulders suggestively peeking over the surface of the bath, then you’re in the right place. To be completely fair, “Bathroom Magic” is a lot of fun. The girls turn the bath into their private playground, and sight gags abound. Personally, I find these promotions from Niji no Conquistador standout releases: no pressure to perform on the charts, just the onus for creative fun. Your best bet for getting a copy of Niji no Conquistador’s “Bathroom Magic” is from the King Records eShop. Let’s keep it clean, girls!



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Niji no Conquistador promoting “Triangle dreamer / Shinzou ni melody “

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