New PV Alert: Necronomidol – psychopomp

Music box openings give way to thumping drums in an enchanted forest in Necronomidol’s latest promotional video “phsychopomp”. To tell the absolute truth, I thought I was going to hate this. Actually, I like seeing the contrast between the unnatural look of the girls in the verdant forest backdrop. As always the forest is an instant reminder of the dichotomy of life and death and provides easy context for a song that seems to be about Valkyries leading the departed to the great beyond (and my inner goth is smiling again). OK, I just like forests. I would have enjoyed the music much more, but the mix presented doesn’t put its best foot forward. Even with the obvious drawback, I enjoyed the release from Necronomidol. You can find “psychopomp” on “From Chaos Born”, Necronomidol’s June 15, 2016 release.

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