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“Tokimeki♡destiny (ときめき♡destiny) the 12th single from the zero budget idol group N Zero features four of its finest in a fun meetup. Takahashi Peach Momoka, Takayanagi Venus Misaki, Hashida Rose Miyu, and Yoshimura Milky Nagisa get together on the river banks and proceed to run to an indoor set. The girls set about making luxurious bologna sandwiches (the bread crusts are pre-removed?) and ready themselves for a Valentine’s picnic. Not being too familiar with the group, I’m not exactly sure why only four members are present for this release (although I have my guesses). The idol pop definitely doesn’t sound zero budget: arrangements are nice and bassy in the band arrangement that gives the girls plenty of hooks to play with. I like the pastel outfits of Tokimeki♡destiny in all their fluff. Really, the four girls really put their best foot forward with this release. “Tokimeki♡destiny” goes on sale February 27, 2019.




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N Zero(Nゼ, エヌゼロ) is an idol project that was launched in 2010 from Akabane, Tokyo. The group was initially called AKBN 0 after Akabane and the projects “zero budget” and was renamed N Zero (formerly AKBN 0) in 2012 and again to just N Zero in 2014. N Zero’s current lineup includes members Takahashi Peach Momoka (高橋ピーチももか), Hashida Rose Miyu (橋田ローズ美祐), Takayanagi Venus Misaki (高柳ヴィーナス美咲), Hasegawa Plumeria Eri (長谷川プルメリア依莉), Sakurai Princess Himeno (櫻井プリンセスひめの), Yoshimura Milky Nagisa (吉村みるきー渚), and Nishigaki Garnet Akemi (西垣ガーネット明美).
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