New PV Alert: Musubizm – Maho no Kagi wo Te ni Shitara

Musubizm’s latest brings us the girls working 9 to 5 jobs like they were normal girls. The girls are connected by a toy car they roll towards each other. Eventually, they find the key … literally! “Maho no Kagi wo Te ni Shitara” is a refreshing change from the performance heavy promotional videos that most idol groups favor. Musically, I like the rock arrangement that dips lightly into some shoegaze sounds and the guitar leads that could have percolated from The Pillows. Yes, this agrees with me greatly and I find myself liking it more with each repeated listen. Musubizm’s “Maho no Kagi wo Te ni Shitara” rolls into stores on November 15, 2016.

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