New PV Alert: Momoiro Clover Z – Tengoku no detarame

Third in line for Momoiro Clover Z’s 5 monthly singles is the emotionally dewy “Tengoku no detarame”. To recap, Momoiro Clover Z is smack in the middle of releasing monthly digital singles to close out 2018 in preparation of a new album in 2019. That new album, the self-titled “MOMOIRO CLOVER Z”, gets a release in May next year. This time around, the girls get there sparkling circle outfits on and perform in the round for “Tengoku no detarame” The footage gets intercut with (what looks like) recent stage play performances. I’m sorry I’m not too in the know with Momoiro Clover Z and their stage performances, maybe someone can drop knowledge in the comment section below. As for “Tengoku no detarame”, well we get a driving beat with piano accompaniment with melodies that seem retrospective. About 3.5 minutes into the song, there’s a marked shift in the song towards an even dewier emotion with sparse guitar and string arrangements. After last month’s “Anta tobashi sugi!!”, this release feels like a major slow down in pace. But then, one cannot subsist on a diet of heavies alone. “Tengoku no detarame” is available from the digital retailers listed below.






Momoiro Clover Z promoting “MOMOIRO CLOVER Z BEST ALBUM “Momo mo Jyu, Bancha mo Debana””

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