New PV Alert: Mitani Remi – To ♡ ware

Dear Stage idol Mitani Remi makes a debut of it with her debut “To ♡ ware”. Playfully deconstructing her stage set, emerges from a cardboard box singing into a heart-shaped lollipop. Her animal masked cohorts at her side, Remi breaks into a performance shot in that same space with more personality than actual choreography. Without an actual budget (there was a budget, but was there really a budget?), Remi makes the best of it by showcasing her talents and her penchant for cute fun. Hell, she wears both seifuku and a wedding dress to catch those on both sides of fetish island. I haven’t found links at my usual sites, so you’ll have to await an update for those. Regardless, Mitani Remi’s “To ♡ ware” debuts at record stores on November 17, 2018.





Mitani Remi

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