New PV Alert: mishmash – SHINING

Rock idol group mishmash make their debut on the new PV Alerts with their new promotional video “SHINING”. Consisting mostly of off-shot camera work, “SHINING” shows YUMEI CHANG, MISS EMILY, NOSHIRO SHINO, and FROM TODAY YAMADA, going through the daily grind of an idol. Rehearsal footage, recording footage, commutes, and pre-show jitters get equal time. Rock idol might lead you to believe mishmash trade in the alt-idol sound that marries hardcore with electro noise, but mishmash really play with some straight ahead rock (at least for “SHINING”). The song is almost sweet in its lack of gimmick. “SHINING” also gives you a chance to get to know the girls and pick an early favorite with their greatly appreciated name captions at the top of the song. I’m not seeing “SHINING” from mishmash at any of the normal retailers, so you’ll need to pick me up a copy on 12/14 at their one-man live at OSAKA MUSE.




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