New PV Alert: Minna no Kodomo-chan – Futari wa Nakayoshi

Electro duo Minna no Kodomi-chan’s eclectically mix wispy melodies with layered vocals, an unforgiving drum machine, crunchy guitars, and some noisy trash. Reading that back, “Futari wa Nakayoshi” sounds like a mess, but the song is actually more tuneful than I’m letting on. “Futari wa Nakayoshi” keeps all the hard edges a bit on the periphery and really only slips into the darkness once or twice. Honoka and Cinnamon have a great product here for those of us who welcome something a bit more challenging. The images of the girls running in tandem and dancing with their cardboard signs are visually arresting especially when the descent into madness introduces visual distortion to the mix. Me being new to the Minna no Kodomo-chan, I’m really excited to see where the duo carry there sound from here. Though this is the group’s 4th single, I never found a link to a physical copy of Minna no Kodomo-chan’s CD. You can find the song on iTunes and RecoChoku.

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