New PV Alert: MilkShake – DEJIMA Rhapsody

There’s something inherently charming about local idol groups, right? MilkShake, from Nagasaki, take a few minutes of your time to rhapsodize about DEJIMA in their hometown. History lesson: Dejima is/was an artificial island formed created in the 17th century in the port city of Nagasaki for the Portuguese intended to restrict (segregate) the foreign population and their missionary work. Back to the PV: the CG, I’ll admit, is bit jarring. But, the scenes of the girls in seifuku and yukata along the canals and streets of Dejima are something. The girls bring these scenes to life with their lively movements and genuine smiles. If you want something a bit refreshing for your summer day, then give MilkShake a spin.

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