New PV Alert: Michishige Sayumi – Loneliness Tokyo

For the first promotional video of her solo career, Michishige Sayumi takes us on a walk through Tokyo in her variety of personas. You might want to subtitle “Loneliness Tokyo” as “Sayumi walks”, because that’s what you’ll see for a majority of shots. Sayumi struts through the dark of the city in a variety of outfits and looks, and of course she looks stunning regardless of how she is styled. Even “nerd” Sayu in chunky glasses and a baseball cap looks astounding. But, is there a hidden agenda behind this army of Michishige clones? And, is she really alone if there are a dozen of her doppelgangers briskly walking through Tokyo? Tsunku gives the former Morning Musume leader a soundtrack close to the her solo output as a member of the Hello! Project flagship that doesn’t stray too far from her “Sayuminglandoll” soundtrack. You can buy your copy of “Loneliness Tokyo” through the digital retailers linked below.





Michishige Sayumi promoting “Loneliness Tokyo”

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