New PV Alert: Mi☆nA – Minna x 2 Mii☆nnA!!

A 5th single promotional video for Mi☆nA gets a promotional video with the self-referentially titled “Minna x 2 Mii☆nnA!!”. In the kind of cute outfits you would expect from 2D idols, Miho and Sena show us around a set that looks like it was straight out of an anime set located somewhere off of Route 66. To my eye, this is the most fully realized working from the duo, and is definitely worth your consideration if you’re into this style of idol. “Minna x 2 Mii☆nnA” even has a spell out! This latest release is catchy, cute, and should elevate Mi☆nA near the top of list of idol duos. “Minna x 2 Mii☆nnA!!”, the fifth single from Mi☆nA, is available in stores now.





Mi☆nA supporting “Minna x 2 Mii☆nnA!!”



Mi☆nA is the “twinning” singing unit of Amane Miho (天音みほ) and Horysan Sena (堀越せな) under DEARSTAGE inc (ディアステージ). Both members are members of the idol unit AIKATSU ☆ STARS! Activities started from Akihabara on April 22, 2018. The duo hopes to heal by the cute singing voice of Mi☆nA and they perform city pop with a little nostalgic.
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