New PV Alert: Mi☆nA – Miracle komaranaide

The duo of Amane Miho and Horysan Sena comprise the Dearstage unit Mi☆nA. Both girls are members of AIKATSU ☆ STARS! And they’ve released to us this promotional video from their first release: last year’s “Miracle komaranaide”. Now that we’re more or less caught up, we can talk about cute. “Miracle komaranaide” and Mi☆nA are dripping with the kawaii culture of Akihabara, and it’s not a coincidence. Of course it works! Both girls are cute, and their city pop is a sugar bomb waiting to explode. I don’t know if you’re one of those people who think “Miracle komaranaide” is guilty of infantilization (fair enough), but Mi☆nA are both performers at the top level of this kawaii culture: let’s acknowledge that. I’m personally drawn to the nice melodies and their interplay with the more modern musical elements. The rest is just performance art. Mi☆nA’s “Miracle komaranaide”, their first single, is on sale now.








Mi☆nA is the “twinning” singing unit of Amane Miho (天音みほ) and Horysan Sena (堀越せな) under DEARSTAGE inc (ディアステージ). Both members are members of the idol unit AIKATSU ☆ STARS! Activities started from Akihabara on April 22, 2018. The duo hopes to heal by the cute singing voice of Mi☆nA and they perform city pop with a little nostalgic.
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