New PV Alert: MEY – Shine

The limited promotional unit for the August idol spectacular event @JAM EXPO released a promotional video recently. Following in the tradition of other navigational units NAH, and Sakura no Yume, MEY (pronounced like the month), the unit, includes Tsurumi Moe (from Niji no Conquistador), Ando Emi (from Lovely DOLL), and Okiguchi Yuuna (from MAGiCAL PUNCHLiNE). Put the members’ given names together and you get MEY! “Shine” is a bass guitar heavy idol rock song with visuals that have more than a little dark magic pinnings. Sporting hooded capes, black nails, and lot of red lipstick, MEY look great together and don’t lead you astray from their idol roots with a great bit of choreography and a “zettai ryouiki” show par excellence. MEY is a promotional unit for @JAM EXPO, which usually glues me to my computer monitor for a few weeks as I review the footage. With a lineup that includes a good number of the idols we promoted here at New School Kaidan, you need to get your act in gear and check out the event. @JAM EXPO will consume your entire weekend on August 25 and August 26. Take a peek at the lineup here.


Tsurumi Moe, Ando Emi, and Okiguchi Yuuna

Learn more about @JAM EXPO here:

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Niji no Conquistador promoting “Triangle dreamer / Shinzou ni melody “

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