New PV Alert: MERUCHU – Sekaijuu minna koi wo suru hi

Coming from Nagoya’s DIANNA Project, MERUCHU release their latest offering “Sekaijuu minna koi wo suru hi”. With members whose age range from 11 to 15, you could say the group hits the limits for what we would normally cover here on the New PV Alerts. But as I have been impressed by other groups to come from DIANNA Project, I thought we should roll the dice here. MERUCHU definitely show their age with a charming simplicity to their choreography and cheeks that you just want to pinch in every other shot. Plaid performance outfits look like they came straight from underneath the boughs of a Christmas tree. I’m not sure about the potential for the group in its current lineup, but given the heights of their recently disbanded older sister group PREDIANNA I would keep an eye on MERUCHU’s progress. “Sekaijuu minna koi wo suru hi” is available for purchase. Click the link, eh?






MERUCHU promoting “Sekaijuu minna koi wo suru hi”



MERUCHU is a Japanese idol group from Nagoya formed in 2016 by DIANNA PROJECT. Their current members include Hori Yuuka (堀優花), Yuria (ゆりあ), Tasaki Karin (田崎花綾), Kinoshita Miyu (木下美結).
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