New PV Alert: Meme Tokyo – Melancholy Circus

The latest entry to the Dear Stage team, meme tokyo., get a debut promotional video and original song with “Melancholy Circus (メランコリックサーカス)”. The oversaturation of all color seems to be the mode for the group that features BiS castoff MEW in their lineup (it’s good to see her land on her feet). Like most of their stable-mates, meme tokyo. boasts an eclectic pastiche of style that most notably swings the chorus enough for a well placed Charleston. There’s a lot to like here with meme tokyo., and I expect we will see a lot of them here at New School Kaidan before long.





meme tokyo. promoting “Denden Passion”



MEME TOKYO (ミームトーキョー, stylized as meme tokyo.) is a Japanese idol group formed on July 31, 2019 under Dear Stage (, Niji no Conquistador, CYNHN, etc.). Meme tokyo were revealed at DearStage’s new members event on July 31st, 2019. The following day, they performed their debut performance during Tokyo Idol Festival. Different designers are also in charge of costumes according to the members including up-and-coming brands such as Atsuka (ASUKA), Ω (RITO), KOBINAI (KOROMO), HEIHEI (MEW), TELEPATHY (PERO) are working on costumes. .MEME TOKYO’s current lineup includes members MEW (formerly from BiS), ASUKA, SOLI, RITO, and KOROMO.
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