New PV Alert: Melty Hz – Oh My!

As I’m rushing through to get promotional videos out to you, I’ve come across this lyric PV by Melty Hz for their song “Oh My!” I don’t know much about the group, but they’re performing a style of idol rock that I think might interest you. The opening graphic may make this look like an 80’s nostalgic product, “Oh My!” is a guitars forward, melodic rock song that isn’t afraid to mix in a few double kick drum licks with a dance beat. For the visual side of the lyric PV, we get live footage of the girls at a recent performance, which definitely sells the group even more. I’ll keep an eye on this trio for you. In the meantime, check it out for yourself!

Melty Hz

Melty Hz is an idol group formed in October 2018. The group started as Eclair Beat, but changed its name to Melty Hz in December 2018. Melty Hz’s current lineup includes members Hoshino Miyu (星乃未夢), Haoto Mayu (羽音まゆ), and Nishio Honoka (西尾穂乃花).
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