New PV Alert: Maneki Neko from OS☆U – Amore Amore!!! ~Hitonatsu Koi~

OK, so this promotional video is from a release that’s about 5 months old … well, it just floated past my desk a couple of days ago. Owing to the much-delayed release of this full version, “Amore Amore!!! ~Hitonatsu Koi~” has the advantage of visions of summer in the throes of dead winter. The Osu Super-idol Unit subunit definitely got me with beach shots viewed in the middle of this rainy winter- that’s timing!. Even though I’m not very familiar with OS☆U, I found “Amore Amore!!!” very charming. The pleasant melody, variety of shots, and the cuteness of the girls really warmed me up. And, if I’m allowed a shout out, Takahashi Moe (the orange meganeko) is WAY cute.

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