New PV Alert: Maneki Kecak – Ittoryoudan ~Nobunyaga no yabou no maki

Maneki Kecak sink their paws into the theme song for a mobile game with their latest promotional video. “Ittoryoudan ~Nobunyaga no yabou no maki” puts the girls in sword play for the mobile game “Nobunyaga no yabou nya puri!”, which I can only imagine recasts the Sengoku Jidai leader and likewise warriors as cats. Nya! If seeing the feline gameplay isn’t enough for you, the PV also provides shots of the members, swords in hand. Putting that to the side (nobody puts kitty in a corner?), “Ittoryoudan ~Nobunyaga no yabou no maki” provides a rock soundtrack lightly accented with hornwork underneath the solid vocal work from Maneki Kecak.

I probably shouldn’t let things go by without mention of the graduation in the group. Fujikawa Chiai, the vocal backbone of Maneki Kecak will graduate from the group on September 24 at the group’s 3rd anniversary concert “Nippon Budokan de Maneki Kecak”. She will remain active as a solo artist after she graduates. Not coincidentally, the group is currently holding new member auditions.



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Maneki Kecak

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