New PV Alert: Maneki Kecak – Itsuka dokoka de

In preparation for the March 20 single, their fifth overall, the girls of Maneki Kecak head on a school trip to Kyoto for the gentle cute “Itsuka dokoka de”. Like every good school trip to the ancient city, the girls visit the temples and stroll the old streets of the capitol. Being a school trip, the girls get to wear the pressed navy blue seifuku of some school or other. For someone who has never been on a school trip to Kyoto like me, I really appreciate the job Maneki Kecak has done here allowing me to live vicariously through their adventures. As for the musical output of “Itsuka dokoka de”, Maneki Kecak have landed us squarely in pop-ville with a small influx of traditional sounds and melodies that one can safely call traditionally influenced. Light and fluffy, “Itsuka dokoka de” is a refreshing spring breeze. “Itsuka dokoka de / One chance”, the fifth single from Maneki Kecak arrives in stores on March 20. Secure your copy from one of the online retailers listed below.




Maneki Kecak promoiting “Itsuka dokoka de / One chance”



Maneki Kecak (まねきケチャ pronounced Maneki Kecha) is a Japanese idol group formed in 2015. The leader is Nakagawa Miyuu, and Matsushita Reona is the center. Five girls passed the initial audition in 2015, and the group has subsequently graduated two members and gained two members. Maneki Kecak’s current lined up includes Nakagawa Miyuu (中川美優, original member), Miyauchi Rin (宮内凜, original member), Matsushita Reona (松下玲緒菜, original member), Fukase Mio (深瀬美桜, joined November 2017), and Shinohara Aoi (篠原葵, joined December 2018).
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