New PV Alert: Maneki Kecak – Atashi no nokori zenbu ageru

With an eight minute run time, Maneki Kecak show a set of five dramas for their latest release “Atashi no nokori zenbu ageru”. With the girls in some extra-ordinary circumstances, the girls face thir challenges (job hunting, hospitalized mother, taboo love, school athletics, etc.) with their music serving as backdrop. Heartstrings are pulled: even though one may not relate to all the dramas presented, chords from at least one story should be struck with most viewers. Of course, the takeaway with Maneki Kecak is the great performances over an effectively emotional arrangement. Upbeat and musical, “Atashi no nokori zenbu ageru” is meant to lend strength to those of us who need an emotional crutch or, at least, and friendly face. “Kagami no Naka Kara / Atashi no Nokori Zenbu Ageru”, the latest single from Maneki Kecak goes on sale April 18, 2018.



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Maneki Kecak

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