New PV Alert: Manaminorisa – Hanabira

The trio of Manami, Minori, and Risa comprise the group Manaminorisa (see what they did there?) from Actor’s School Hiroshima. They make their debut here first appearance here on the New PV Alerts with the promotional video for “Hanabira (花びら)”. The emotional song plays a dance beat on an affecting melody that stabs with its hook. Manami, Minori, and Risa take to the beach in cream colored, knitted sweaters under skies that look like Spring just starting to take the reigns from winter’s grip. The girls twirl in unison, the fabric of their dresses oozing with texture while defying gravity. “Hanabira” definitely piqued my interest in the group, although I should have probably been on them a lot sooner than this.








Manaminorisa (まなみのりさ) is a Japanese idol group formed in August 2007. The name Manaminorisa is the portmanteau of the first names of its members Manami, Minori, Risa. The girls are from Hiroshima, where they began its music career when they were students at Actor’s School Hiroshima (アクターズスクール広島) (Nakamoto Suzuka (BABYMETAL), Perfume, Sayashi Riho (Morning Musume), etc.). Manaminorisa debuted their activities in August 2007. Manaminorisa’s current line up includes members Tanino Manami (谷野愛美), Okayama Minori (岡山みのり), and Matsumae Risa (松前吏紗).
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