New PV Alert: Malcolm Mask McLaren – Light On!!/This World

Malcolm Mask McLaren’s third single produces a pair of promotional videos for us. Will their idol hardcore knock your lights out?

Malcolm Mask McLaren – Light On!!

Heavy and melodic, “Light On!!” should put Malcolm Mask McLaren on your list of favorite hardcore idol groups. The four girls sing their way through distorted guitars and jagged rhythm tracks that weaves their way through cut time and half time. In fact, if there are any instrumentalists out there reading, I’m sure you will enjoy listening to the backing tracks about as much I. With all the licks in the background, Malcolm Mask McLaren the idols need to maintain enough personality and presence to be effective. MMM mug their way through the handheld camera angles amiably while the skate punks at Haole Park circle the background like four-wheeled sharks. News flash: they sound great while doing it. The harmonies work well, the solos lines are even and well-distributed. In fact I’m ready to put Malcolm Mask McLaren on my personal heavy rotation playlist. Give “Light On!!” a play especially if you are inclined to heavy, punch ’em up music that put melodies up front.



Malcolm Mask McLaren – This World

Officially, this promotional video is an “Official Audio” version of “This World”, so I’m going to be forgiving with the visuals. Well, I would be more forgiving, except there is nothing in “This World” that Malcolm Mask McLaren need atone for. Sure, you and I have seen plenty of PVs that feature a mix of live performance shots and backstage happenings; it’s not particularly original, but footage like we see in “This World” enlighten us to the nature of the group. That said, Malcolm Mask McLaren really make the case for being the heaviest idol group out there. The style of guitar rock plays on heavy bass guitars and strategically placed double kick drum rhythms while maintaining a melodic edge. I’m glad that Malcolm Mask McLaren refrain from the scream antics that gets a lot of play lately. “This World” is solid melodic hardcore, just as advertised.



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Malcolm Mask McLaren

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