New PV Alert: Maison book girl – Kanashimi no kodomotachi

From last December’s Umi to Uchu no Kodomotachi album, Maison book girl give us more frantic-paced, angular jams with the 5/4 groove of “Kanashimi no kodomotachi (悲しみの子供たち)”. Dismemberment is the name of the game with visualizations of children disintegrating before our eyes and our conception of pop rhythms falling apart in our ears. With the titular children floating in a primordial ooze, “Kanashimi no kodomotachi” is more than a little disconcerting. Graphically graphic, this is no doubt the most gruesome thing I’ve seen all year … and I love it. You’ll find “Kanashimi no kodomotachi” on Maison book girl’s Umi to Uchu no Kodomotachi available in stores now.





Maison book girl promoting “Umi to Uchu no Kodomotachi”



Maison book girl is a Japanese idol group formed in 2014 by former BiS member Koshouji Megumi and produced by Sakurai Kenta. The group aims to bring a unique, unparalleled worldview and avant-garde musicality to the idol world. Maison book girl had their United Kingdom debut on 2017 with the label Read The Air Records. On May 2018, they had their first United Kingdom tour with 4 performances. Their name is sometimes abbreviated as Bukuga (ブクガ) or MBG. Maison book girl’s current lineup includes members Yagawa Aoi (矢川葵), Inoue Yui (井上唯), Wada Rin (和田輪), and Koshoji Megumi (コショージメグミ).
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