New PV Alert: LUNA from GEM – Like a Heartbeat

Originally released as a coupling track to GEM’s 2014 single “Do You Believe?”, “Like a Heartbeat” is the first promotional video release from GEM sub-unit LUNA from GEM. Recently, GEM announced the creation of two sub-units: LUNA and SOL. LUNA, with Kanazawa Yuuki, Ito Chisami, Morioka Yu, Minamiguchi Nana, and Nishida Hirari, is in charge of the girly and cute side of GEM (with the remaining members in charge of cool and edgy songs). As a sub-unit PV, “Like a Heartbeat” is devoid of the flashy graphics that normally populate video releases from GEM. Instead, we get lots of fluffy images of the group at a subunit sleepover. No, sleepwear doesn’t enter the equation at any point, but there’s lots of images of the girls hugging stuffed animals, gazing earnestly into mirrors, and writing letters.

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