New PV Alert: =LOVE – Zuruiyo zuruine

The seasons have changed now that instead of happy-go-lucky idol songs, we get idol songs about love lost. Nothing this year heralds autumn as well as =LOVE’s lovesick refrain in their latest single, “Zuruiyo zuruine (ズルいよ ズルいね)”. It should be noted immediately that member Takamatsu Hitomi is absent from this release and on hiatus. The languid pace of the first sets of “zuruiyo” choruses picks up as the girls visit and revisit lost loves and the places locales where love was once found. =LOVE definitely pull on the ol’ heartstrings as they look into the camera with their dewy eyes. Meanwhile, the full complement of girls perform their dance shot barefoot in the ankle deep water of an indoor swimming pool. Taken with their last release “Sagase Diamond Lily“, =LOVE are making a serious case for their inclusion in the “well thought, aesthetically pleasing promotional videos from an idol” category. At this point, I really think the group should be considered among the elites of the idol genre … and you should, too. =LOVE’s “Zuruiyo zuruine” goes on sale October 30, 2019.





=LOVE promoting “Zuruiyo zuruine”



=LOVE (イコールラブ, equal love) is a Japanese idol group formed in 2017. It is produced by Sashihara Rino (HKT48, AKB48) in collaboration with Yoyogi Animation Academy. They are signed to Yoyogi Animation Academy and release their music under the Sacra Music label. They released their major first single =LOVE on September 6, 2017. =LOVE currently includes members Otani Emiri (大谷 映美里), Oba Hana (大場 花菜), Otoshima Risa (音嶋 莉沙), Saito Kirara (齋藤 樹愛羅), Saito Nagisa (齊藤 なぎさ), Sasaki Maika (佐々木 舞香), Satake Nonno (佐竹 のん乃), Takamatsu Hitomi (髙松 瞳), Takiwaki Shoko (瀧脇 笙古), Noguchi Iori (野口 衣織), Morohashi Sana (諸橋 沙夏), and Yamamoto Anna (山本 杏奈).
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