New PV Alert: LinQ – Susume! Shounen Shoujo

LinQ comes back with a list of new releases from Best albums to this release, the group’s 18th single. “Susume! Shounen Shoujo” gets the restructured LinQ in a golden boogie. Sets and costumes are gilded like the burial rooms of a long deceased pharoah. The PV gives us the girls on the red carpet of the inner chambers of a fabulously decorated hall. Strings arrangements and arm pump choreography feel matched perfectly to the musical output. If you’re any kind of fan of idol pop, you’ll immediately feel some kinship to the pop disco melodies of “Susume! Shounen Shoujo”; this kind of treatment never fails to get the wota up for some boogie. “Susume! Shounen Shoujo” hits records stores on January 30, 2019.

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LinQ is a Japanese pop group based in Fukuoka formed in 2011. Their name stands for “Love in Qshu”, in reference to their hometown of Fukuoka, on the island of Kyushu. Members were formerly split into Lady (older) and Qty (younger) teams, which stopped with 2017’s Demolition and Redevelopment Project. LinQ currently includes members Yoshikawa Chiaki (吉川 千愛), Takaki Yuumi (髙木悠未), Sakai Asaka (坂井 朝香), Araki Sakura (新木 さくら), Kohinata Maina (小日向 舞菜), Kaizuki Rana (海月 らな), Ando Chisa (安藤 千紗), Suzumoto Riona (涼本 理央那), and Kaneko Miyu (金子 みゆ).
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