New PV Alert: Let’s Poco Poco – Kimi igai kyomu

Let’s play some tennis with Let’s Poco Poco! While we’re at it, let’s do a bit of time travel, too! You see, “Kimi igai kyomu” starts with a tennis tragedy involving a racquet to the back of the head. Fortunately, Rei is in possesion of a magic wristwatch that willl uncover the circumstances and possibly circumvent the tragic outcome. I don’t know what it is, but the tennis outfits really work for me. I don’t remember having this kind of emotional reaction to Let’s Poco Poco in the past … it must be the tennis outfits. In any case, I thoroughy enjoyed this promotional video. You can find “Kimi igai kyomu” on Let’s Poco Poco’s forthcoming 2nd mini album “Seishun bi tansan” on August 2, 2017. UNFORTUNATELY, I don’t have any retail links to provide. Best strategy: watch the group’s Ototoy page.

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