New PV Alert: Let’s Poco Poco – Anata doko kara kita no?

With a running time just under 7 minutes, the new promotional video from Let’s Poco Poco is more of a fairy tale than a music video. The opening strains places the group in the forest with a magical red umbrella that obscures the girls’ faces as they sing a reverie. The magical teleportation drops the girls in a playland with the coin-op games and indoor race tracks you’d probably expect: it’s a fantasy land. Let’s Poco Poco uses a grassy embankment and a helicopter landing pad for its dance shot, but, and I mean this in the best way possible, crisp choreography isn’t really the point of a group like Let’s Poco Poco. Attractive shots of the girls laying on a sea wall with their umbrellas add to the variety of shots for this sprawling musical venture. “Anata doko kara kita no?” advances through several musical styles, but not in quite the same way as other ADD-style offerings we’ve seen in the past. “Anata doko kara kita no?” keeps itself fantastical with whimsical keyboard sounds, and the shifts in style are never incredibly drastic. Instead, Let’s Poco Poco have crafted a long form musical masterpiece that flows together operatically. You can find “Anata doko kara kita no?” on Let’s Poco Poco’s August 2, 2017 release “Seishun Bitansan”.


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