New PV Alert: Last Idol – Sukide sukide shoganai

Well, here’s a new one: rather than a release from one of the Last Idol units, “Sukide sukide shoganai” features all 22 of the girls who participated in this first iteration of idol production show. Sharply, the Last Idol girls are seen through the lens a groups of students traversing the school’s glass walled passageways in some rather diverse uniforms in the promotional video’s unbroken first two minutes. The members take their solo shots with a portrait background lit from behind. “Sukide sukide shoganai” puts a premium on repetition as evidenced by the cacophony of the chorus melody. The glass school serves particular dramatic purpose as every action is visible to all the members, including more than one kabedon. All 22 girls come together for a dance shot set upstage from a (what else) a window view from a high story. “Sukide suki shoganai”, the third single from Last Idol, gets a an August 1, 2018 release date.



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