New PV Alert: KissBeeWEST – Bokutachi no basho

“Bokutachi no basho (僕たちの場所)”, from KissBeeWEST’s 2016 release “Bokutachi no basho / Samuinoni mo sukoshi narete kitakara”, recently won a fan vote. So perhaps consequently we get a promotional video for the fan favorite. And, you can hear why the song is popular among KissBeeWEST fans. The arrangement features some tasty driven guitar sounds that underscore a quick-paced yet emotional melody. The members meet up in park benches and sing together on well-manicured, grassy fields while turning the emotion knob to 11. Intercut with the “we are girls hanging out together” footage, we get vocal recording shots and a few seconds of the girls practicing choreography. White letter-boxing gives a great space for the karaoke lyrics, but what really draws me in with “Bokutachi no basho” is the crispness of the images and a color process that renders the colors gorgeously without losing much detail. You can find yourself a copy of KissBeeWEST’s “Bokutachi no basho” by following the digital retailer links below.








KissBeeWEST is the sister group to KissBee. The Kansai based group was formed in 2014 to expand activities outside of Tokyo. KissBeeWEST’s current lineup includes Hieda Chihiro (稗田智優), Hirayama Hana (平山花菜), Morishita Arisa (森下ありさ), Yamamoto Anna (山本杏奈), Koyama Suzuka (小山涼香), Taira Erika (平 衿華), Ishibashi Nana (石橋茄奈), Shimizu Manami (清水真海).
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