New PV Alert: KissBee West – Houkago no Yuugure

Considering how much I loved KissBee’s recent offerings, I was extremely excited to see a new promotional video from their Kansai sisters KissBeeWest. “Houkago no Yuugure” doesn’t disappoint. Filmed at the Kindai University attached Wakayama Senior High School/Junior High School. The school drama that unfolds plays second fiddle to the girls rehearsing on the school rooftops and the sheer sight of the KissBee West in their school uniforms. The melodies and arrangement might sound a bit familiar (I’m sure you’ve heard the musical theme somewhere before), but the spirit and talent of the group far outweighs any contempt. “Houkago no Yuugure” is a solid product that continues and extends my personal interest in the KissBee groups, and hopefully does the same for you.

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