New PV Alert: Kikkawa You & Paipai Dekami – Saikou no Onna

Hello! Project alum Kikkawa You and Hello! Project fangirl (among other things) Paipai Dekami get together for the quick digital release of “Saikou no Onna”. The two put together a funk toned tune that has the pair suggestively caressing an electric guitar. Horn backgrounds and guitar richly-toned guitars accompany Kikkawa’s vocals while Paipai chimes in for a few interjections and shared lines charismatically. “Saikou no Onna” treats the viewers to a one-shot promotional video that has You and Paipai descending the stairs from the green room to the stage of a small club (surely someone can ID this club in the comments). Climatically, the two girls blow each other with the smoke machine used to add atmosphere to the stage. The song barely makes the three-minute line, making “Saikou no Onna” a taste of the possibilities of such a pairing. Kikkawa You and Paipai Dekami’s “Saikou no Onna” is available from the digital outlets listed below.


Kikkawa You (left), Paipai Dekami (right)

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