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After the loss of all original members, Kaqriyo Terror Architect (幽世テロルArchitect) re-branded itself as KAQRIYO TERROR, added two new members, and released a new promotional video (to boot). “lilithpride” gives us the group in pro wrestling mode as they performing in the roped off square mat. The new girls, Noa Rondo (ノア・ロンド, turquoise hair) and DKI (ドキ, pronounced “doki”, red hair), make their first appearance look effortless. In those black outfits, I day say that KAQRIYO TERROR are putting on a little bit of sex appeal into their supernatural tendencies. In fact I see many bared shoulders and midriffs, but not a single yokai. “lilthpride” doesn’t veer off into speed metal as groups from Codomomental are apt to do. And you know what? I find this iteration of KAQRIYO TERROR incredibly entertaining so far. There’s also wrestling dudes suplexing each other or whatever it is that they do. “lilithpride”, the first single from KAQRIYO TERROR, goes on sale September 11, 2019.








KAQRIYO TERROR (formerly Kaqriyo Terror Architect (幽世テロルArchitect)) is an idol group formed in August 2017 by Codomomental (Zenbu Kimi no Seida, YukueshirezuTsurezure, KAQRIYO TERROR, etc.). On June 20, 2019 the group rebranded to its current name after the successive departures of the group’s original members. KAQRIYO TERROR’s member lineup currently includes Sentonamidamaru (聖涙丸), Sumomo (季), Komari Yuu (心鞠游), Noa Rondo (ノア・ロンド), and DKI (ドキ).

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