New PV Alert: Kaqriyo Terror Architect – Hide and Seek

“Hide and Seek” from Kaqriyo Terror Architect’s first album, delves deeply into mysticism and the mysteries of the forest. The trio traverse through the trees looking a bit lost, but the performance shots of the group amid the fires and wood pole constructions look like pure mayhem in ritual form. Kaqriyo Terror Architect wear the white and red robes associated with spiritualism and carry charms like talisman (hello baby dolls). We could probably have some lengthy discussion about the merits of the appropriation of Native American headdresses and and wigwam- is there a colonial attitude taken to the artifacts of pre-Columbian America? I’m not particularly interested in that discussion as Japanese Pop Culture tend to gather relics like so many magpies. Instead, I think Kaqriyo Terror Architect’s commitment to provide only the barest of melodies atop its aggressive instrumentation is worth noting. A while ago I mused on the distinguishing attributes of the group, and perhaps these chant-like vocal performances are the characteristic for which I was searching. Or, perhaps this mishmash of cultural appropriation (as per the debut album’s title) will become the fingerprint of the group. I don’t care which side of the like/don’t like fence you fall, there is something here with Kaqriyo Terror Architect worth a thorough examination. “Hide and Seek” can be found on the album “Cultural Mixing”.



Kaqriyo Terror Architect profile image
Kaqriyo Terror Architect promoting “Cultural Mixing”

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