New PV Alert: Kamiyado – Tough Love

Very seriously, Kamiyado come to us with the theme to the mental health / addiction campaign “Tough Love (タフ♡ラブ)” with a song of the same name. Formatted to fit cell phone screens, “Tough Love” frames each girl in their casual (but still cute!) wear. Kamiyado appear at odd angles, and seem to make a point of filling your mobile screen with their monochromatic outfits against the gold background. There are very few in the way of actual camera tricks, and that suits the serious subject matter. After all, Kamiyado are acting as ambassadors for the program that seeks to help those with addiction problems. Aside from that, “Tough Love” is a look at the four member Kamiyado after the graduation of Sekiguchi Naho. I’m not sure how the song will be available for distribution, but you can always just log in and have listen, right? “CONVERSATION FANCY”, the fourth single from Kamiyado, will reach record store shelves on February 6, 2019.





Kamiyado promoting “CONVERSATION FANCY”



Kamiyado (神宿) is a Harajuku based Japanese idol group formed in September 2014. They are also known as KMYD. The origin of their name is a combination of the kanjis 神 (“kami”) from Meiji Shrine (明治神宮) and 宿 (“yado”) from Harajuku (原宿). The acronym for KMYD is Kawaii (可愛い!) Max (全力!) Yell (応援!) Dream (夢!). Kamiyado’s lineup currently includes Hashima Miki (羽島みき), Koyama Hina (小山ひな), Hashima Mei (羽島めい), and Ichinose Mika (一ノ瀬みか).
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