New PV Alert: Kamen Joshi: Alice Juban – Super☆Straight

“Super☆Straight (スーパー☆ストレート)” from the Alice Juban cadre of Kamen Joshi puts the masked girls on a beach for a new promotional video that answers the question of whether an idol PV set on the sand can still function without the bikini standard. But, I’m probably having too much fun at the unlikeliness of hockey mask wearing idols at the beach in (what looks like) black roller derby outfits. Truth be told, there’s some pretty solid rock sounds going on with “Super☆Straight” from the overload of guitar tones to the powerful drum sounds to the positively legit breakdown. Throw the wonderfully kinetic camera movements of the drone and you get a PV that should make it onto many of your lists.




Kamen Joshi

Kamen Joshi (仮面女子), meaning “Masked Girls” in Japanese language, is a Japanese girl group under Alice Project consisted of four smaller teams with several members for each: Alice Juban, Steam Girls, Armor Girls, and Easter Girls. They are called “Masked Girls” because each member of the group wears a mask which covers up their face when performing. The members take off their masks when they need to show off their face on TV and other medias. Unlike normal idols, it is easier for fans to go out and see the girls while Kamen Joshi performs daily at the P.A.R.M.S theater in Akihabara. Kamen Joshi’s current lineup includes members Kawamura Nanaka (川村虹花), Kubota Misa (窪田美沙), Tsukino Moa(月野もあ), Momose Hitomi (百瀬ひとみ), Kojima Yuka (小島夕佳), Igari Tomoka (猪狩ともか), Kusunoki Mayu (楠木まゆ), Kinoshita Yuuri (木下友里), Morishita Mao (森下舞桜), Mine Satsuki (美音咲月), Aoi Nonoa (蒼井乃々愛), Hinata Koharu (陽向こはる), Osuzu Harumi (大鈴はるみ), Ueshita Ao (上下碧), Suzumura Seri (涼邑芹), Yukino Shihori (雪乃しほり), Mitsuki Saki (海月咲希), Kurumi Sora (胡桃そら), Mochizuki Yuno (望月ゆの), Nozaki Waka (野咲わか), Tachibana Makoto (橘真琴), Seguchi Kokoro (瀬口こころ), Mizuno Fue (水野ふえ), Hashimoto Yurie (橋本友梨英), and Kuwana Riru (桑名利瑠).
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