New PV Alert: Kaede (Negicco) – Hikarakuyou

Treating us to an extra helping of luxurious pop, today we have Kaede from Negicco and closing track from her upcoming solo mini album “Shinya. Anata wa Kyo wo Furikaeri, Mata Atarashii Asa dane.” The pop of Kaede works just like magical images of coffee brewing in a siphon coffee maker in the first scene of the PV. The music takes a discerning palate and bit of time to bring itself to taste. This isn’t fast food. Like everything we’ve heard from Kaede, “Hikarakuyou” is worth taking its time for its gentle melodies and layered instrumental approach. “Hikarakuyou” sounds like the closing track of an album with an extended instrumental outro that allows the guitars to come to a little bit of the same frenzy as water in a rolling boil. “Shinya. Anata wa Kyo wo Furikaeri, Mata Atarashii Asa dane.”, the mini album from Kaede goes on sale June 18, 2019.

Kaede (Negicco) promoting “Shinya. Anata wa Kyo wo Furikaeri, Mata Atarashii Asa dane.”

Negicco (ねぎっこ, the name is officially written in Latin script) is a female idol music group created in July 2003. It is composed today of three members: Nao (なお), Megu (めぐ), and Kaede (かえで). The group is from Niigata, Japan, and was created for the promotion of the local green onion (Allium fistulosum): the word negi (ねぎ) means “green onion” in Japanese. “Negicco” thus means “The green onion girls”. The group is produced by Negi-pro Agency, and is signed to the T-Palette Records label.
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