New PV Alert: Kaede (Negicco) – Cloud nine

Working the melodic indie rock angle, Kaede from Negicco gets sun in her eyes with the new promotional video for “Cloud nine (クラウドナイン)”. Acoustic instruments ring with a natural echo, and a vintage guitar lead highlight the singer’s flat delivery (like it was an aesthetic). The overexposed frames fit the song perfectly as the melody really provides a sunny outlook with just a touch of bitterness. Closeups of Kaede with the wind blowing across her face are intercut with cute shots of the Negicco member in the back of an open bus with the waters of some bay or other far off in the background. I know there’s some of you out there who adore this kind of pop, because I’m’ one of you! “Cloud nine” is available as a CDR from T-Palette Records. Unless you live in Japan, good luck with this one!





Negicco promoting “My Color”



Negicco (ねぎっこ, the name is officially written in Latin script) is a female idol music group created in July 2003. It is composed today of three members: Nao (なお), Megu (めぐ), and Kaede (かえで). The group is from Niigata, Japan, and was created for the promotion of the local green onion (Allium fistulosum): the word negi (ねぎ) means “green onion” in Japanese. “Negicco” thus means “The green onion girls”. The group is produced by Negi-pro Agency, and is signed to the T-Palette Records label.
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