New PV Alert: Junjou no Afilia – I WANT TO GROW

Junjou Afilia, formerly Afilia Saga, get their third single under their red-waisted belts with the intriguing “I WANT TO GROW”. Location shot at an aging building, perhaps a school or similar institution, the girls play at some mysterious chase angles. The shots look great: mysterious appearances of the girls, and wrought images of the girls beating the bushes or burning mannequin dress forms look as dramatically charged as the electro-dance soundtrack. The girls, of course, look immaculately styled and perform better than I ever remembered. “I WANT TO GROW” is an impressive release from the group that stretches their abilities while offering an entertaining, albeit mysterious, product. You can find Junjou no Afilia’s “I WANT TO GROW” in stores on November 27, 2018.





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