New PV Alert: Inkey Oops – Bubble ga hajike chau

The group that seemed to take up the flashback torch release their second promotional video. The three girls of Inkey Oops brought the fun with them for this second outing “Bubble ga hajike chau”. Most shots look like the girls are dressed down for a sleepover in shorts and comfy-looking tops. I get that this is definitely a consciously dressed version of slumber party, but the girls really look great in this PV. Callbacks to the Eighties include VHS footage, blocky graphics, and the conspicuous “Back to the Bubble” titles that look like “Back to the Future”. While the girls and their song show plenty of enthusiasm for day-glo days aesthetics, the sound of “Bubble ga hajike chau” could be argued as anything but flashback. The song tells its story with acoustic instruments instead of the over-used DX7 sound palettes that scream “I REMEMBER THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION” or (more appropriately) “I REMEMBER THE LAST DAYS OF SHOWA”. Putting all that boring authenticity talk, “Bubble ga hajike chau” is a really fun song that hopefully puts Inkey Oops on more radars: the group is really all sorts of great. As yet, there are no links for the second Inkey Oops release, so check back periodically for updates.



Inkey Oops profile image
Inkey Oops promoting “Bubble ga hajike chau”

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