New PV Alert: ILoVU – Itsuka, dokoka, touku, (short ver.)

A short version for ILoVU’s fourth single washed ashore earlier this morning. “Itsuka, dokoka, touku,” puts th four girls on a beach excursion, which is timely given the season. From there the PV doesn’t go quite where you might expect as the girls find a bottle washed up on the beach and proceed to empty the contents. “Itsuka, dokoka, touku,” is a short version, so we doesn’t really get to see what is hidden among the debris, but I imagine its pretty important to the girls. Aside from this, the girls make use of what looks like the blue and white hull of an ocean vessel for their dance shots on this lively song. The musical theme recurs in the background like the morning chime at school played on piano. If you’re as intrigued as I am, then you’ll just have to wait with me as the single’s release date of August 27th approaches: in other words I can’t find links to the single from any of the usual vendors. Best check the group’s iTunes page.

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