New PV Alert: Idol College – MASQUERADE

After a year and a half, Idol College is back with a new single from the SCRAMBLES team (yes, the SCRAMBLES from WACK). “MASQUERADE” keeps the house sound of WACK with its heavy guitars and persistent drums, and it works pretty well to give Idol College a touch of intensity. With dance shots in a low ceiling burned out warehouse, the promotional video keeps suit with the sounds of the song. The large idol group pulses along with choreography tailored to fit the unique circumstances of the group. “MASQUERADE” feels like a special single for the group, the kind of single that breaks the group out of its mold. Idol College’s latest single goes on sale December 11, 2019.





Idol College promoting “MASQUERADE”



IDOL COLLEGE (アイドルカレッジ) is a Japanese Idol group from BLUE ROSE. With the theme of “raising future idols with everyone”, girls who were not in performing arts activities are taught singing, dancing, acting and gravure lessons with the whole process held at public events to improve their skills. Idol College is a project to support the growth process. Started in February 2009 as BLT Idol College, the group was initially dissolved March 2010 but was restarted in April 2010 with its current name.
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