New PV Alert: i*chip_memory – Egao no riyuu -ReStart-

New promotional video from the idol group from the future, i*chip memory. “Egao no riyuu -ReStart- (笑顔の理由-ReStart-)” places the girls in a smoke-filled sound stage for a dance shot promotional video illuminated by onscreen lyrics at the crucial lines. We don’t really get a straight look at the choreography, but there likes there’s some interesting stuff happening ins rather large formation. Oh, and “Egao no riyuu-ReStart- also sports a salaryman, a film PA, little league baseballer, and a clown running towards their goals. Clowns terrify me, but I’m just going to roll with it.

i*chip memory
ABOUT i*chip memory

i*chip_memory (あいちっぷめもりー) is an idol group themed around the future, with the members originally said to be from the year 2020. The group was formed in 2015 and are affiliated with Monster Project. i*chip memory’s current lineup includes members Yukino Nanami (雪野ななみ), Yuzuki Hina (優月ひな), Hanazono Erii (花園えりい), Shirai Minami (白井みなみ), Fuwa Momoha (風和百果), Miyama Ren (深山れん), Mizuki Mone (水樹望音), Nanahikari Misaki (七光美咲), Renka Momo (恋火もも), Nijibayashi Misa (虹林美佐), Torizumi Nao (鳥住奈央), and Toumeikan Makoto (透明感 まこと).
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