New PV Alert: HONEY GO RUN – My Color

From their latest album, HONEY GO RUN bring together some homey grooves for the promotional video of the album track “My Color”. Yuri and Ayaka put together a montage of some live clips, making shots from their previous PVs, and off shots to complement the live band arrangement. Until I realized the shots comprised a compendium of the girls’ works, I had the impression of the four seasons with HONEY GO RUN, which is only partly accurate given the rest of the PV. Shots of the duo performing live and off-the-cuff footage of the girls at karaoke foster an air of familiarity. I really enjoyed the sounds of the acoustic drums and the guitar work featured on “My Color”. When the chorus breezes into the arrangement, the song gets a bit lackadaisical tropical feeling that’s really refreshing.. As an album track, this sort of montage style promotional video makes some sense. But, don’t get too attached- HONEY GO RUN’s final live is scheduled for May 13, 2018 at OSAKA RUIDO. “Memory Go Run” is available now at the retailers listed below.



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