New PV Alert: HOLY SHiTS: WACK is SHiT

Continuing its quest to become an alt idol version of Hello! Project, we are treated to another of WACK’s shuffle units. BiSH’s CENT CHiHiRO CHiCCHi; GANG PARADE’s Can GP Maika; BiS’s PERi UBU, MUROPANAKO, and TORiAEZ HANA; and EMPiRE’s MAHO EMPiRE compose the scatalogical HOLY SHiTS. Their release “WACK is SHiT” provides memorable lyrics like “Fuck MCs” and “FUCK myself” set to a dance beat and wonderful line dances that you’ll probably recognize. But, I know: everyone’s going to be talking about HOLY SHiTS sitting down and then sitting down for a fresh turd smorgasbord. It’s disgusting and totally expected, but man just thinking about it makes me gag. Luckily, you don’t have to pay for this SHiT since “WACK is SHiT” is available as a free download: [MEDIAFIRE].



HOLY SHiTS profile image
HOLY SHiTS promoting “WACK is SHiT”

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