New PV Alert: Hiragana Kamiyado – Reitou mikan

OK, prepared to get a slight bit confused. “Reito mikan (冷凍みかん)” is the first release from Hiragana Kamiyado, the sister group to Kamiyado (I guess we can refer to them Kanji Kamiyado?). The group is formed from the girls who were NOT selected to join Kamiyado from the audition for a new green member (that spot went to Shiomi Kira). “Reito mikan” gives us plenty of the new girls in seifuku as they practice their dance on the rooftops and in the cleared-out music room. Yes, every trope of the school idol gets played up here right down to the penny loafers. The product is about as pleasant a thing that one can expect from the genre. But, when you try to look into the future for these girls, there’s plenty to be excited about. This is a great looking group of girls who have already survived the audition ordeal. With the right polish and the right song, I’ll bet Hiragana Kamiyado can cause a stir.

Hiragana Kamiyado

HIRAGANA KAMIYADO (かみやど (ひらがなかみやど)) was established in June 2019. It was formed by six finalists of the Kamiyado new member audition held from January of the same year. Hiragana Kamiyado debuted on June 29, 2019 at Shibuya O-WEST. Hiragana Kamiyado’s current lineup includes members Ishiwata Nako (石綿なこ), Hagita Coco (萩田ここ), Tsuji Yuka (辻ゆか), Sakuragi Koto (桜木こと), Fujita Miyu (藤田みゆ), and Takada Momo (高田もも).
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